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For lunch time,

you can enjoy soba at ease,
and you can enjoy drinks from the time of a day
when you might feel a little awkward.

For weekdays’ lunch and weekends,
Desserts that can be enjoyed like in a cafe are also available.

Warabi-mochi Warabi-mochi

Please try our
“Warabi-mochi of Nakamo”,
which is made from very rare “Japanese grown warabi kuzu”.

For dinner time,

Tachinomi that you can feel free to stop by straight from your work is available.

Obanzai of landlady
“Nakamo's Oden” flavoured with miso of Nakamo, founded in 1830.

Wide variety of alcoholic drinks
Starting with The Premium Malt's, we offer sake, wine, regional alcoholic beverages and even alcoholic beverages from around the world.

Tachinomi that let you drink from the afternoon.
Please feel free to stop by even for just one drink.

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11:00〜23:00(Last Order 22:30)

Number of

22seats※Reservations for whole place is possible